Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I ♥ Amazon.

I've long been a fan of Amazon. Free super-saver shipping, great customer reviews, on-the-money gift guides, what's not to love? A few years ago I started a wish list, mostly to keep track of things I wanted to buy for the kids, but also to give Josh a few ideas because evidently I am IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. Anyway, I wish everyone had one! They're fun to shop from and just to look and see what type of stuff everyone wants.

Now, Amazon has made it 100 times better. They just released the universal wish list button, so now you can add items from any online store to your Amazon wish list! So nifty!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's on your playlist?

I told Sara and Abbey I would share my playlist--it's always fun to see what people are working out to. This is NOT music I would listen to except when I'm running. Some of these songs are not mom-approved and I need to buy the Wal-Mart version, but they do get me going. Also, having been married to Josh for six years his emo-screamo-alt country-Kenny G tastes have rubbed off on me. He has the most eclectic music tastes of anyone I know. Ok enough disclaimers. Here they are.

The Killers, probably my favorite right now to run to (I know! it's so 2007!)
All These Things That I've Done
Mr. Brightside
Somebody Told Me
When You were young

Hey Ya!
I like the way you move

Dropkick Murphys
I'm Shipping Up to Boston

Rage Against the Machine
Killing in the Name of

Silversun Pickups

Linkin Park
One Step Closer


Lose Yourself (Geez, this is getting embarrassing)

Britney Spears
blackout album

The White Stripes
Seven Nation Army

Four Minutes

Mariah Carey
Touch my Body (perfect for weights)

Michael Jackson
Wanna be starting something

Franz Ferdinand
Take Me Out

Tally Hall
Good Day (for warm-up)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm back...maybe.

Wow--two hurricanes complete with evacuees and almost a whole month later, I am back from a long bloggy hiatus. Unfortunately, the main reason I've not been posting is because I've not been doing much worthy of posts, not productive at all.

So I'm determined to get back on track with menu planning, nesting, and exercise. I completely missed my Before and After deadline--depending on how the weekend goes I might still enter a late submission.

But I'll leave you today with my Walgreens find. Printable coupon, $5 off $20 purchase, today and tomorrow. Here's my plan:

2 boxes Oreos, on sale 2/$5
1 gallon milk, on sale $3.59, plus $3 in register rewards when you buy both cookies and milk
3 boxes Kellogg's cereal, on sale 3/$7 less $1.70 in manufacturer's coupons
2 boxes Lipton tea, on sale 2/$5 less $.50 in manufacturer's coupons and plus $1 in register rewards

Grand total, $20.59
less coupons $7.20
less rewards $4.00
all of that for $9.39!