Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm back...maybe.

Wow--two hurricanes complete with evacuees and almost a whole month later, I am back from a long bloggy hiatus. Unfortunately, the main reason I've not been posting is because I've not been doing much worthy of posts, not productive at all.

So I'm determined to get back on track with menu planning, nesting, and exercise. I completely missed my Before and After deadline--depending on how the weekend goes I might still enter a late submission.

But I'll leave you today with my Walgreens find. Printable coupon, $5 off $20 purchase, today and tomorrow. Here's my plan:

2 boxes Oreos, on sale 2/$5
1 gallon milk, on sale $3.59, plus $3 in register rewards when you buy both cookies and milk
3 boxes Kellogg's cereal, on sale 3/$7 less $1.70 in manufacturer's coupons
2 boxes Lipton tea, on sale 2/$5 less $.50 in manufacturer's coupons and plus $1 in register rewards

Grand total, $20.59
less coupons $7.20
less rewards $4.00
all of that for $9.39!


Sarah Bales said...

I wanted to do the Oreo/milk combination, but my Walgreens only had Double Stuf- too much Crisco for me.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to have you back. I was missing your helpful hints - although I don't think I've ever bought food at a drugstore. Namely because I've never really shopped at a drugstore for anything but I just might be converted now.