Friday, August 29, 2008

Checking in...

What a week! We had a fantastic time at Schlitterbahn, once we finally arrived. It took us almost 4 1/2 hours to get there, thanks to this mess. We were prepared for rain off and on during the day but it never came. The crowds were very small and by 4 pm we were just walking on the rides. As we were leaving the waterpark, Audrey said, "I could live here" in her very matter-of-fact way.

We ended up leaving a lot later than we wanted to so I didn't have time to check into my hotel before the Beth Moore conference. I changed in the car and then Josh suggested I take the contents of my suitcase and dump them in the totebag we had brought to Schlitterbahn so I wouldn't be rolling around the Alamodome like a (very disheveled) flight attendant. So picture me with my wet hair in a ponytail, wet spots on the butt of my cute trouser jeans from sitting on the wet towel, carrying this:

It's ginormous. This gave Candace much pleasure and she commented several times with variations of, "I can't believe you with the Ikea bag," and "You are just cracking me up with the Ikea bag." (It's 4 foot by 2 foot and is very noisy.) But I got her back when at the end of the conference Beth had us join hands with someone and look into their eyes for some good ole Stuart Smalley affirmation. You can know she was just loving that. We might make it a weekly exercise. (I can feel you squirming, Candace.)

The conference was so good--I particularly loved Beth's description of the afterlife and her assertion that we are going to live!--not just exist and be ghosts. It's called eternal life! I'd really like to get it on cd and let Josh listen to it (he has admitted that eternity kind of freaks him out).

We didn't have a ride home but in the hotel lobby ran into Amber and her friends who agreed to let us ride home. We had so much fun and ate about 3 days worth of calories at Pappasitos.

More later (this only covers Friday and Saturday), but wanted to share what we had for dinner last night. The other Cantonese Pork Tenderloin from the freezer, stir-fried in this pork fried rice. I also added corn, carrots, and peas and 3/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Very good and easy.


Candace said...

I just threw up in my mouth.

Briggs said...

That is one snazzy bag!!!
It just might go with some of my outfits!!!