Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The before...

Here we go. This a list of super simple things about my house that have been bugging me. My goal is to get this list done by Labor Day.

How cute is this house plant Blonde Sarah bought me? I love its spikiness. Yet still it sits in its plastic container. So Task #1 will be to buy a cute planter for that.

Next will be my sad, lonely windows in the kitchen. I have some great fabric and I will probably do a mistreatment so I won't spend a ton of time or money on curtains that are very likely (okay definitely) apt to become home to some banana slices or a spray of ketchup.

Ugh. The playroom is killing me. I want to go through and box up or give away more than half of these toys and make all the grandparents solemnly swear to not give us any more. I also want to frame some big prints of the kids above this awesome chest Beth and Glen gave me.

This is the most ambitious. These bookcases are just ugly. I want to put away half the books, get some cute knick-knacks (much to Black Sarah's horror), and paint the backs of the shelves. Notice Audrey "posing like Mommy" in my before shot. I am not very skilled at making things like this look pretty so I will very likely have to call in some reinforcements.

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melissafulcher said...

Go online to they always have really good organizational ideas, and they did an article a few years back about painting furniture. I actually cut out the page about painting the back of bookcases. It will look so cute, I have always wanted to do that!