Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer projects

Okay where did our summer go? Fur-fur and I had a long list of projects we were going to accomplish this summer. We had a lot of fun but didn't get much crossed off the list.

The whole reason I started this blog was to participate in BooMama's Before and After. Then it got postponed and a month later I still haven't finished anything on our list! So I'm determined to get cracking.

I'll start today by posting the stuff we did get done. Maybe it will inspire me to further greatness. (Stop laughing.)

Here's my favorite--we sewed on a bunch of cute ribbon and ric-rac on Sydni's curtains to jazz them up a bit.

I did buttonholes in these patio cushions so they could be tied on the chairs and not be blown all over the yard. Buttonholes are really easy on my new machine!

Here's Kendall's very belated birthday present. She's going to be weaned from the pacifier soon so hopefully this will be a good replacement. I thought this one was pretty but not as cuddly as I wanted it.

So I made this one which is super cuddly but not very cute.

So hopefully she can use the fuzzy one at home when she needs soothing and the chenille one out and about when she wants to look her best.

Last but not least, Beth helped me recover my dining room chairs. My good friend Joanna gave me this beautiful dining set but it had tonal cream on white striped fabric seats. In the two years we've had it we've managed green beans, chocolate, and maybe blood stains on the beautiful white fabric. So I found this tapestry at Hancock's on clearance for $5.99/yd and snatched it up. With the staple gun and electric screwdriver the whole thing took less time than an episode of Project Runway.

Tomorrow I'll post my before pictures for the Before and After projects.

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Shannon said...

I knew about all of those projects, but it's great to see real pictures! You are so talented! And, you are so doing button holes on my shower curtain...whenever I make the shower curtain!!

I guess that was kind of rude. Let me rephrase. Will you please do button holes on my shower curtain whenever I finish, er, start it? Thanks!!