Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy crafting

I just threw these up here last week to show my mom so I thought I would go back and add some text. We've been crafting up a storm!

Here's the little tote bag I appliqued for Molly's birthday. I copied one that Casey made for Audrey and I'm applique-addicted! (of course hers are way cuter.)

My mom and I bought a ton of cute fabric on clearance at Hancock's day after Thanksiving and we whipped this bedskirt out in just a few hours! Audrey was so funny when she saw it, saying, "Oh my goodness, Kolby is going to love this!" Kolby lived with us last summer during his podiatry rotation at Scott & White and she still calls the guest room Kolby's room, despite the fact that both Black Sarah and Fur-fur have lived there since.

Here's a canvas totebag I did for a Christmas gift...

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