Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's on my bedside table

And when I say bedside table, I mean "laying on the floor next to my bed."

Food Fights. Got lots of good ideas from this one--basically the gist was not to engage in a power struggle over eating, but continue to present lots of different food varieties.

ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. This book is wonderful--there are three levels of solutions to all of the organizational problems they address. For example, if you have mild problems with hyperfocus you might try a level 1 solution, like a timer. For moderate hyperfocus problems, find a support person to disengage you. For severe hyperfocus, you might need both plus some drugs! (ok I'm summarizing the last part.)

Gorgeously Green. Lots of good information, product reviews, for the beginning granola-mom.

Checked out all of these at the Temple Public Library in the new section. What are you reading?

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Candace said...

Can I pretty please be your support person to disengage you?:) That involves labeling of some sort doesn't it? I'm reading Jesus for President (Shane Claiborne) a little over..ok a lot over my head but very good. When I'm done I plan to start The Last Lecture.