Saturday, July 12, 2008

First post...

Well I've decided to start a little blog to share ideas and get some accountability on all of my ongoing projects. I have evolved into quite the little blog-stalker so hopefully this will be a more positive use of energy that will help me get some stuff done! I'm pretty sure the Oliver sisters (Candice and Sara) will be my only readers but the three of us will have a gay old time. I've decided to name my blog "Shannon and company" because we have so much company I'm sure they'll give me plenty to blog about! I don't want to post on Josh's blog because the Audrey and Clark fan club would likely be bored with my posts.

Our good friend Ella Grace is turning one next month and is having a picnic themed party...I designed these invites for her and she is sticking little 3-d ant stickers in the blank space. (I blocked out the personal information in case either of you creepers tries to crash her party.)

Can't you just picture those cute little ants dancing across it?

So I thought it would be cute for her to have a coordinating outfit! I got this tank top at Target for $2.98, then the fabric and buttons cost about $1.19 so this is a bargain gift I will be making again!
"Our" idea (sorry Ashleigh, I have completely taken over) is to take a picture of EG wearing the tank and then design a cute little thank-you card that says, "Thanks a melon!" You guys know I do love a theme. Now imagine if we could only attend this shin-dig! We are going to my cousin's wedding in Austin that day so we can't make it.
If I decide to do a second post (and we all know that's a big "if"), you can count on some fun links and a new layout--stock templates just stink!


Candace said...

Well...I'm so excited to be the first to comment on your brand new blog! So as not to be confused with your other friend Candice---who I'm sure is very nice---I spell my name differently and will be the one leaving the sarcastic...some would say "smart a**" remarks. I know you would expect nothing less. Oh yes..I also can't use commas or spell very well. Now that we have that covered. Gay old time? Come on Shannon you know I'm not mature enough to handle comments such as these. And I have to say that I'm pretty upset that the inspiration for your new blog (namely me...come on be honest!) did not even get mentioned! Seriously!?! I expect a full on ramble gushing over me next time!!

Shannon said...

Only 2 readers. Whatev. Not with all of your fancy projects that you will blog about.

LOVE the watermelon. And the thank you card idea. So cute.

Sara Carolina said...

What an adorable shirt and so thrifty too! I wish I had your creativity.