Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In my dreams...

Oh wow, got the new J. Crew catalog yesterday and I am in love.

The perfect twist on a little black dress...

In the catalog it's shown without the rosette belt which I prefer.

These shoes are adorable, I'd love them in bright blue.

I'll take this skirt in bright rhubarb,
and this bag.

Audrey would look adorable in this.

Now I just need to come up with a few thousand to blow on over-priced clothes!


Shannon said...

So, I love all of it...but, where in the world would I wear those heels??? That dress is already adorable, Audrey would make it so much more!

I found a purse and can't wait to show you!!! It's BOLD!

I am trying HEB's tortillas very soon. We'll see if they compare!

Sarah Bales said...

HEB tortillas are the best. Individual liners mean you can freeze them forever and take them out not stuck together and I can have decent tortillas in New Jersey.

Shannon Morrison said...

Shannon, are you telling me Brad doesn't take you out to 5 star restaurants and galas every wknd? *that's why it's called in my dreams!* there's also an awesome white wool coat i need...but then I remember i'm the mother of toddlers.