Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 3: Monday Menus

Here's what's on for this week--trying not to use the oven much since it's been so SO hot.

Beef stroganoff
Yep, it's been on schedule for three weeks in a row but never actually happens. We'll try again today!
Paninis with leftover pork and chicken
I add crumbled bacon to these to make them like the ones at our favorite taqueria.


Shannon said...

Just getting caught up on all of your posts! You are so informative...thanks!!!

The Brunson Bunch said...

So today was my first day of blog stocking since I recieved my new Iphone. Unlike you, I will not be using my time wisely. However, I will be stealing your Monday menu...josh is pretty excited! Today we had the BBQ delicious. We felt like we were in New Orleans! I can't wait to see what I'm making next week :)

The Wetherells said...

glad to know you still check our blog. what is this Shannon and Company thing?

Sarah Bales said...

Hilarious that your friends are stealing your menus. Next stop cooking show. How bad could that be?