Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Petite Woes

I'm mildly obsessed with these shorts. My mom and I went to Macy's last week and saw these (except in a darker wash). I love the big hem, the straight leg--they are adorable. But because I am less than 5 feet 4 inches tall, they hit me in an awkward spot, right below the knee cap. Black Sarah hems everything including denim but I was too scared to try.

We have had a pretty much continuous string of company for the last week and it has been so much fun. After spending the fourth in Nacogdoches, we brought JPB home with us. Patrick and Fur-fur really hit it off--he is like the little brother she never knew she wanted! Then Danny came by Monday on his way home from Fort Worth and spent Monday and Tuesday with us. Wednesday my mom came for the day and Jason, Kendra, Gavin, Jeremiah, and Cathy all came for dinner. (Patrick had made me a birthday cake almost all by himself--once he figured out the frosting goes on after baking, he was good to go.) Kendra spent a couple of days with us and Thursday Stephers came over too. My mom picked up Kelly and Black Sarah and we had a nice big crowd at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner. I just love--LOVE--how our families mix--it really made it so much fun. Jacob is here now and Audrey is over the moon. She started begging to wake him up at 8:30 and I held her off until 10:39. She hasn't stopped talking since.

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