Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Naptime Bribery

I've finally found something to help Audrey transition to nap time. I've been telling her for a while that if she goes to sleep with no whining and no crying we'll have a movie party with popcorn on the couch when she wakes up. We've done this for weeks with no luck, then all of a sudden, she got it! I think it helped that everytime she asked to watch tv or surf the web, I said, "Sure, hon, if you're sweet at naptime you can play--would you like that?" Three times now she has gladly jumped in bed for a chance for a popcorn party.

So I'm thrilled, right? You would think. But I really hate her watching a movie everyday--and there's no way she'd settle for a 30 minute TV show. I've tried 30 minutes of computer time but she still greatly prefers the movie/popcorn combination. Maybe I'll try and portion it out and the popcorn party will be 20 minutes or so of her favorite movie. Any other ideas?


Candace said...

Are you trying to get her to take an actual nap everyday? Sydni only naps about 2 or 3 times a week--but I still make her go in her room for "rest" time. I either tell her to wait until I come back and get her or I put on a cd and tell her when the music stops she can come out. It works out pretty well and on the days she doesn't sleep I put her to bed 30 minutes earlier. She might like the idea of playing in her room quietly better than having to have a nap.

Shannon Morrison said...

Good idea with the cd! But Audrey really physically needs a nap every day. Her behavior isn't majorly affected by not napping, but her night sleep is very fitful and she is up several times in these weird not-asleep-not-awake crying times. I guess she's so overtired she can't sleep!

So now where do I find a 2 1/2 hours cd??? :)