Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday menus

I'm trying to be a little more pro-active in menu planning so we can eat a little healthier and little cheaper. So here's what on the menu for this week.


chicken stuffed with crawfish jambalaya

These are so good--my mom has brought me a couple the last couple of times she has come to visit. She gets them at Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville (they also have great beef jerky, according to Josh).


BBQ shrimp




beef stroganoff

This is Josh's birthday and even though we just had it last week for my birthday he wants it again.


quiche lorraine

Audrey is kind of obsessed lately with "egg pizza" as she calls it.


Candace said...

You should totally blog your menus every week!!

Shannon Morrison said...

will do! Sara pointed out that though my point was healthy-eating, not a single thing on my list this week was healthy. Oops!!

Sarah Bales said...

I'm glad you are baking your jambalaya-stuffed chicken. Mom commented that it was still in the freezer last time she visited.